Hi 👋 My name is Jacob.

I’m a Senior Software Engineer currently working at Digio, part of Mantel Group.

With over 5 years of experience — both academic and professional — I’ve been exposed to a wide variety of technologies, programming languages and paradigms.

Since graduating from Queensland University of Technology in 2018 with First Class Honours, I have long since desired to return to the world of content creation; I found great pleasure in creating analytical and educational written content during my time both studying and working at the university as a Sessional Academic and I.T. Research Assistant.

This website is a personal project of mine in which I hope to share my thoughts and shine a light on a variety of software engineering tasks, topics and issues — including but not limited to the Microsoft .NET space — to help educate others.

Thanks for visiting.

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All content published to this site contains no AI-generated materials and will be cited as necessary; these are my thoughts.